Choosing the furniture for your home is an important commitment, not just because it involves significant economic investment, but also because furnishings create the atmosphere where you live and spend your time. Saltarelli knows this and makes furniture that offers everyone great, yet accessible beauty.

For over 50 years, Saltarelli’s collections have been the result of premium quality craftsmanship and experience; items that are designed and built with a love for tradition but also a sense of openness towards evolution in taste.


There are people who feel at ease with traditional shapes, while other prefer to keep in line with modern styles. This is why Saltarelli has divided its products into two lines: a classic collection and a contemporary one. Each one is easily distinguishable and identifiable, but with one important characteristic in common: accessibility, meaning that it is an achievable aim for anyone. This means no one has to give up on the idea of enjoying a genuine piece of Italian crafted furniture of the type for which we are envied the world over.

  • What is good taste if not the perfect balance of elegance and measure? These two collections by Saltarelli have both of these qualities, expressed at their maximum power.

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